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Ch. 14 Internal Pain
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
After her chance, and relatively short, meeting with Lincoln and Ronnie Anne, the family athlete finally reached Casa-Loud. Seeing that Vanzilla was still absent, Lynn knew her parents were at work. She was glad for that, as Lynn wasn't in the mood to play twenty questions as to how she was feeling. While the other girls seemed to be more optimistic about their chances of bringing the family together again, the jock was still rather cynical about it. She didn't openly weep in front of her family (besides Pop-Pop), her depression was quite obvious despite repeatedly denying that something was wrong with her. Noting her reflection, she saw that her hair was a little disheveled from bumping into her brother. Fixing it up, Lynn opened the door and shuffled inside.
Luan was sitting on the couch reading o
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Ch. 20 Twinsanity
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
With Lynn Jr. out of the way, Miranda noted that she had 3 girls left to talk with. This would only take two sessions as she was having the twins in the same room together. While it seemed that Lana and Lola were well aware of the family's predicament, they were still six years old. As such, Miranda felt that it would put them both at ease if they had each other in the same room. This would be especially helpful when it came time to discuss their feelings. From what she knew about them so far, the twins were the most likely of the Louds to engage in physical confrontation. Miranda wasn't too concerned about this though, as it was perfectly normal for siblings to fight, especially identical twins. Another obvious indicator was the fact both girls dressed differently, leading to the main reason of suc
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Ch. 19 Bad Reputation
So, in this chapter of 'Sister-Phobia', we will cover a character whose been on the receiving end of a near endless amount of hatred. It's often said that Lynn's character is the most static out of all of her sisters due to little episodes focusing on her, and the ones that did have ruined her reputation. There was a time this little sporty girl was the most likable character in the show people could relate to. She's very energetic, playful, well-versed in the world of sports, and is one of the sisters Lincoln has a close bond with. However, as the series went on, due to a lack of character development, people began to see Lynn as a brutish bully with an ego problem. An infamous episode amped this up by a factor of 10, making Lynn the most hated main character in the show. Such a title used to be held by Lola, but she has since regained some fans due to a few good episodes centered around her. Lynn has only had one episode centered around her that didn't quite soften the hatred towards
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Ch. 18 Phone Aid
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
"So honey, how are things?" A male voice spoke on a phone.
"I would say business as usual Robert, but things are a bit more, complicated..." Miranda said to her husband.
"You're not dealing with that Clyde kid again are you?"
"No no no, it's a different set of clients. Have you ever heard of large immediate families?"
"You mean something like Cheaper by the Dozen?"
"Precisely. I'm tending to a family of 13. Ten daughters and one son."
"Thirteen kids with a significant dividend in gender? That's very odd...sure he's not adopted?" Robert noted.
"Robert!" Miranda hissed.
"Just asking dear." The man joked.
"I haven't seen their son in person as he's currently receiving medical attention, but I was surprised by the genetic outcome myself. So far, I've talked with the parents and 6 of their daughters. I was planning on talking
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Ch. 13 Making Claims
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
Ronnie Anne didn't expect to find herself stewing in hidden anger during the day. Granted, she was at school so the stress is always there, but she felt an odd sense of vexation she didn't think she'd feel before: jealousy. Being dubbed the 'Queen of Pain', you wouldn't think Ronalda had something to feel envious about. She was essentially one of the more popular girls in school, no one would dare cross her if it meant dealing with a broken nose, and she just had that intimidation factor about her that would send warning signals to other potential bullies. And yet, she was irritated. Not because of what someone did to her, but because of what was going on with a very close friend of hers.
The Hispanic girl had been silently watching Lincoln throughout the day, looking at how others were treating him since it became appa
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Ch. 3 Operation: Atonement
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
Saturdays are usually the day people would spend it relaxing, staying at home, doing some home improvement stuff they didn't have the time to do during the week, and more importantly, forgetting about your troubles for the next day and a half (unless you work weekends). On these days, Tabby would usually spend them at home either jamming out on her guitar or sunbathe on the lawn, taking in the warm, spring sun. Today though, she was full of anticipation and irritation. Sitting in front of a large fountain at the front of Royal Woods Mall, she tapped her foot impatiently as if she was waiting for something, or someone to be specific. Luna called her this morning and told her to meet her at the mall around 11. The little rocker got there just minutes before, and now it was almost 11:30.
"Sure know how to keep a s
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Ch. 12 Social Changes
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
Mondays...the one day of the week everyone loves to hate and dread. The one day that signaled the start of a potentially long and stressful work week, and in the case of school, boring classes in the span of 8 hours for the next 5 days until it was all over on Friday. But for a small group of kids, Monday was going to be anything but boring. After having a short kissing session the pervious night, Lincoln and Ronalda wound up snuggling in each other's embrace as slept overcame them. Sunlight started to pierce through the blinds of the Hispanic girl's room, shining right into Lincoln's eyes. He grumbled a little as his brain started the process of waking up the rest of his body. Taking one of his hands, he wiped the dead skin away from his eyes before shielding them a little from the little sunlight that crept through the window. Shif
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Ch. 17 No More Secrets
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
Luna power-walked away from Miranda's office, heading back towards the reception area. She didn't think Dr. Lopez's words would strike such a chord in her usual rhythm, yet she found herself cutting her session short and marching down the hall with a concerned look on her face, her mind plagued with the antics of her siblings. It was no question in the Loud House that the siblings tended to get into fights over the smallest and most trivial things, such as the whole incident that got them in this situation in the first place. And if it wasn't over something petty, it was all about competition. Being in a family as big as the Louds, sibling rivalry was toned up to 11, literally. Lori and Leni sometimes argued over who was prettier, Lynn and Lucy had their clashing personalities and tastes, so it usually boiled down to which subj
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Ch. 2 Mending Relations
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
"What two timer?" Leni asked.
"I'm talking about Lincoln! My date with my boo boo bear just got interrupted because Ronnie Anne calls and said he was seeing another girl behind her back! And he told us earlier that he didn't see Ronnie Anne all day! Bobby would've came in here too but he's heading home to console his sister! Now where is he?!" The eldest yelled, fuming on the spot.
Four certain sisters looked at each other nervously. Obviously, one of them would have to say something. It was already bad enough they let this happen to Lincoln, and he didn't need Lori breathing down his neck right now. Someone needed to tell the truth. But...when you're dealing with an angry's almost like talking to a wall. Exchanging glances at each other, they were having a mental debate as to who should fess up. Lucy obviously w
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Ch. 1 A Bad Turn
A/N: Normally, I wouldn't make something like this until one of my other stories was finished, but I just had this on my mind for a while, and I couldn't get it out of my head. Also, it was the only thing helping me get through a particularly stressful night at work.
It's probably not wise to be juggling 3 stories at once, but this one won't be as long as the other two (like maybe 5 chapters at best). With that said, here's the run down:
It goes without question that Dance Dance Resolution ended on a positive note, but there's just so many ways that night could've failed horribly. So, I'm going to use the simplest method: what happens when you have 4 dates who don't know each other, and you're caught in the middle? If anyone knows how this usually goes in real life, then you probably know how this is gonna go down.
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
The Sadie Hawkins D
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Ch.11 Going Viral
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
Lincoln had been rubbing his sister's back for the past few minutes, her cries slowly diminishing into controlled sniffles. The 11 year old was filled to the brim with regret for letting his sister get hurt, all because he couldn't react quick enough. It was one of the times he wished he wasn't so much of a docile person and just lashed out when he got the chance. At least then he could've prevented this situation from happening, or at the most, he'd be the only one with injuries. Lincoln thought bitterly at how he let himself get pushed around so easily. The ashen-haired child knew those boys wanted to mess with him, and yet he didn't do anything until he was struggling to get a fat ass off his chest. If Ronalda were in his situation, she would've punched them out the moment she had the chance and settle it right then an
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Ch. 16 A Musician's Shortcomings
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
Luan had her arms crossed, a frown etched on her face, as she returned to the main lobby. At first, the comedian had been nervous about her session as each sister that went before her came back with a troubled look, as if they just bore witness to something terrible. But now she understood why...her sisters also had some hidden issues that they largely kept to themselves. Luan felt her stomach churn as the guilt she had reminded her of its presence. All of those pranks she pulled on April Fools Day...she couldn't bare to look her family in their faces after realizing everything she did. The others grew concerned for her, seeing as she was rather optimistic just an hour ago.
"You ok sis?" Luna asked.
"Not really...I'm just thinking things over...also, Ms. Lopez wants to see you." Luan cast a look at her roommate.
Luna gave a small f
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Ch. 10 An Act of Forgiveness
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
Whatever peace there was at the Loud House was quickly shattered by Lori's distinct yelling, and she only ever put the L in Loud when she was indignantly furious about something. Her yelling not only spooked the girls, but it also caused them to make a few mishaps to their projects: Leni ended up making a long jagged line on the side of the bed frame she was making, a loud explosion was heard from Lisa's room, Lucy ended up getting an unnecessary amount of ink on a page she was writing on, and Luna was restringing her guitar when Lori yelled out, causing the tender lines to break. Luan was practicing a routine involving water for the video the two were making, which she soon found herself gagging for air due to the sudden interruption. Perhaps the only person not too affected was Lynn, who only gave a startled yelp. In a mix of mild irrita
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Ch. 15 Memoirs From The Joker
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
Miranda looked over her past sessions to prepare herself for the next client. It was rather surprising that Leni was actually smarter than her family initially pointed out. They all believed that she was just this kind girl who had a dim outlook on a lot of things. The doctor originally had the same thought, but under that kind and happy texture was a girl who was frustrated and deeply upset at the treatment she's been receiving for much of her life. The Louds were certainly proving to be a interesting family. From Lisa who secretly wished to be normal to Lori wanting to be viewed as a cool, big sister to her siblings, it made Miranda wonder what else the family was hiding from each other. But now, it seemed Dr. Lopez might be coming across a rather troubling Loud.
According to 2 of her sisters, Luan was rather annoying due to her co
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Ch. 9 Finding Target Ace
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
As the sun's rays dwindled in the sky, this signaled the approaching time for the 3rd important meal of the day: dinner. Since Lincoln was absent, this would become a pretty awkward affair as the one vacant seat at the table was quite obvious. However, this was somewhat nullified as Albert arrived at the house just two hours ago. Aside from Rita, the rest of the family was quite shocked at the sudden appearance of their elder relative, but one quick explanation from the matriarch had everyone understand why. It was a lot better to bring in a new face that could understand and hopefully give some light to the situation. Most importantly, Albert was someone the family could trust and not openly fly off the handle and attempt to bring in unwanted aid (AKA, law enforcement).
Even so, dinner was a rather awkward and silent event. Albert sat i
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Ch. 14 Not As Dumb As She Looks
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
Inside the Loud House, all was eerily quiet. Not a sound could be made, the crickets were either absent or dead, and worst of all, night time made it so dark that you could only see anything with the occasional flash of lightning from the storm raging outside. The only audible sound was the tapping of rain hitting the roof. However, that didn't mean nothing wasn't stirring in the abode. If one were to pay attention closely, they could hear panicked breathing coming from the inside of one of the kitchen cabinets.
Lincoln was clutching Bun-Bun tightly, his whole body shaking not only out of fear, but because he was completely soaked. He had done it again. He made his sisters angry at him with his selfish desires, and this time, they made it very clear they weren't going to forgive him. Tired of feeling overshadowed by his sisters, all he wanted wa
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Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.

After her chance, and relatively short, meeting with Lincoln and Ronnie Anne, the family athlete finally reached Casa-Loud. Seeing that Vanzilla was still absent, Lynn knew her parents were at work. She was glad for that, as Lynn wasn't in the mood to play twenty questions as to how she was feeling. While the other girls seemed to be more optimistic about their chances of bringing the family together again, the jock was still rather cynical about it. She didn't openly weep in front of her family (besides Pop-Pop), her depression was quite obvious despite repeatedly denying that something was wrong with her. Noting her reflection, she saw that her hair was a little disheveled from bumping into her brother. Fixing it up, Lynn opened the door and shuffled inside.

Luan was sitting on the couch reading over some geometry homework, as well as thinking up some puns related to the subject. Lifting her head upon hearing the door open, "Hey Lynn."

"Hey..." Lynn gaze a half-interested gaze at the comedian.

The 14 year old took note of the slight pink in Lynn's eyes as well as the younger girl's posture. She looked as if Lucy suddenly appeared behind her with a hockey mask and chainsaw. "...You ok?"

"I'm fine Luan..." Was all the jock said before shuffling her backpack and walked to the kitchen.

She should've expected that response. Luan didn't like seeing any of her family members sad, even though she understood the reasoning behind it. But at this point, she didn't want to press her luck again. While everyone was beginning to see hope for the only Loud boy to return, Luan tried to get Lynn on the same boat. However, this endeavor failed miserably. She tried telling jokes, only to get an annoyed groan in response. She tried her typical stand-up routines, but this just seemed to piss off the younger teen. Before the comedian could try anything else, she had to duck out of Lynn and Lucy's room as the sports lover threw several sports balls and a bat at her. And this happened yesterday.

Lynn came back from the kitchen with a bottled water in her hand before climbing up the steps. She could hear the twins through the open door of their bedroom, but didn't bother peeking in. She opened the door to her room and wasn't surprised to see Lucy nowhere in site.

"She's probably in the vents again..." The jock muttered.

The 13 year old looked at her bed, as if it was calling to her. The lack of sleep over the past few days wasn't helping matters, but she could hardly find herself getting any rest. Since her nightmare, she lied awake on her bed every night, thinking about where she went wrong and how she was likely the worst sister on the planet. If she ever got to the point where she finally got tired enough to shut her eyes, said thoughts would continue to plague her throughout the night, robbing her of any chance of any actual rest.

She lied down on the bed regardless, not to sleep, but because she had homework to do.

Hours passed as the rest of the family had returned. Lori could be seen texting on her phone, Leni was looking up mattresses on the computer, Luna and Luan were still putting the finishing touches to their little project, and for the first time in a while, the twins weren't arguing with each other. The parents came home around 5, with Lynn Sr. prepping dinner like usual and Rita helping Leni in picking out a mattress for the bed. They had plenty of twin-bed mattresses to choose from on Mattress Firm's website, but Leni's indecisiveness was making it rather difficult.

"Ooh, Lincoln would totes like this one." Seconds later, she'd change her mind. "No wait! This one would totally suit his new bed. But what about this how soft do you think this one is?" Leni pointed at the screen.

"Hard to say dear. The mattress me and your father sleep on is made of polyester, cotton, and polyurethane molding."

Leni looked a little lost at this. "Basically Memory Foam mattress sweetie."

"Ooh, but wait, how does a bed keep your memories?"

"The foam in the mattress shapes to the way you sleep dear."

"What?! I didn't know how you sleep matters! I've been totally under-dressed the whole time!"

Rita gave a small laugh at her daughter's reaction. "Look Leni, how about after school I take you to the mattress store so we can pick one out for him?"

"Like, ok." Leni smiled.

"Family! Dinner time!" The Loud patriarch shouted as he carried tonight's dinner into the dining room. As slated on the evening meal schedule, he was serving up meatballs today.

A chorus of feet was heard stampeding into the room to take part in another delicacy made by the chef of the house. Lynn looked around as he noted everyone's seat position. As usual so far, Lincoln's seat was empty as Albert went back to his retirement home yesterday. The elder man told the parents he found Lincoln and had a chat with him, assuring the two adults that the boy was considering forgiving them all. However, Albert made it clear that both Rita and Lynn himself would need to have a long chat with their son about his place in the family once they figure out how to regain his trust. As the father scanned his now eating family, he frowned as one other seat was empty...Juniors...

This was the third time that Lynn hadn't come down. Not that it would be surprising since the father knew she was taking the whole situation pretty hard. However, it was rather jarring that she wouldn't even join the family in eating her favorite meal. Sure, he could understand Junior not liking Succotash and Fish Fry, and she probably wasn't in the mood for Salisbury Steak yesterday. But when you have a daughter who can chew threw meatballs subs like a wood chipper, you'd think even with her being upset, she'd still enjoy the taste, or at least eat them as a means of comfort.

Giving a small sigh, "Lucy, could you-"

"Don't worry. I'll get her." The 8 year old stated before he finished.

Lucy briskly walked up the stairs towards her room, her stomach nagging her for cutting its feeding time short. At this point, it was almost self-voluntary that she was the one to coax Lynn down to eat. The other sisters had opted to do it as well, but since the emo shared the same room as the sports lover, she was likely closer to Lynn than the others. In the past, any attempts to get Lynn to come out ended with the brunette refusing to come down and Lucy giving up. But not this time. When someone in the house skipped out on their favorite meal, clearly something was up. And Lucy intended to get the stubborn athlete out of their room whether she wanted to come willingly or not.

Seeing that the door was closed, Lucy knocked first. "Lynn?" Not getting an answer, the 8 year old poked her head in, spotting the teen reading a book with a tired expression on her face. Fangs was once again sitting on top of Lynn's head, peering at the same book. Either she didn't seem to notice, or she just didn't care. No matter how many times Lucy was used to seeing this, it still bothered her to see Lynn so unlike herself.

"Lynn, it's time to eat."

"I'm not really hungry Luce..."

Lucy gave a larger frown. "You always say that, but I often hear your stomach beckoning that you give it sustenance."

"I just don't feel hungry Lucy. Is that too much for me to say?" Lynn replied, growing irritated.

"Not even for your favorite meal? You know dad serves meatballs every Monday."

The mere mention of it made Lynn's stomach gurgle loudly. Lucy had to fight the urge to give even the slightest smile at this. However, the brunette chose to remain indignant, as usual. "I...I think I'll pass..."

"Sigh...look Lynn, I know you're taking this harder than the rest of us, but destroying yourself isn't going to make things better."

Lynn shot a glare at her roommate. The sudden movement forced Fangs to fly off her head and onto Lucy's. "Who said I was?"

"Lynn, you can't lie to me. I can feel the darkness and misery radiating off you. Actually, I wouldn't even need to feel it because it's clear as day." The younger sibling stated monotonously. "It doesn't take a genius to figure it out, as everyone knows you're depressed about Lincoln's absence. It's very obvious that you blame yourself for everything that's happened and wish to receive punishment. The guilt is eating at you to the point you can't eat, sleep, or even function properly during the day. Don't think I haven't noticed how slow you walk when you should be walking like you have some purpose. Not only that, your appearance looks as if someone is suffering a slow, decaying death."

The teen was about to open her mouth to form a retort, but her exhaustion made that task a chore. Not only that, no matter how much Lynn could deny it, Lucy read her like an open book. It was foolish to think she could fool someone who experiences depression on a daily basis. Glancing up at the large mirror in the room, Lynn could see herself in all her former glory: bags under her tired eyes, said eyes were slightly red from lack of sleep, her hair was still a little out of place, and to add on to the list, she swore her skin looked slightly paler than usual. Although she looked far from it, Lynn thought she almost looked like a living corpse.

Staring at her bed sheets in defeat, "...That's because I deserve it Lucy...everything was my fault...if I had just took my frustration out on something other than my own brother, none of this would've happened...I know you'll say that Lincoln had a part in it too by spreading that lie, but if I hadn't called him bad luck in the first place, he wouldn't have gotten that idea in his head...I haven't even been able to look at myself in the mirror 'til now, cause all I see is a sore loser who was too immature to responsibility and instead blamed others for their own failures they had no influence on the outcome...I barely eat because I feel sick to my stomach thinking about it all..."

Lucy calmly petted Fangs on his head. "And I'm assuming your lack of sleep is due to that nightmare you had?"

The athlete gave a small nod. "I can't have any nightmares if I don't sleep, but I can still hear that taunting voice in my head..."

"So what happened Lynn? When you first had that nightmare, you still had that somewhat annoying flare to you when you first got your crutches. Sorry for saying that, but I'm being honest. Then over the past few days, you started falling into the pit of despair with nothing but hopelessness and woe to comfort you." Lucy looked at the floor for a moment. "It''s actually scaring me to see you becoming like what happened to you? The OLD you?..."

Lynn flipped around so she was on her back. "...She died the moment she had time to reflect on everything...I doubt anything I do will make Lincoln forgive me for what I did..."

"That's where you're wrong."

Lynn tilted her head up and looked at the emo in confusion. "Huh?"

"You aren't the only person to blame for what happened. While it's true that you were a partial catalyst in the suffering we are enduring currently, you shouldn't shoulder all of the blame." Lucy sat her on sister's bed. "You're forgetting that ALL of us are at fault for how we ended up treating Lincoln. Yes, he had used the whole 'luck' fib to his advantage, but we ended up taking things so far to the point he felt betrayed by those he loved. Each of us is regretful that the good times we've had with our brother seems to mean nothing now that we cast him out like he hasn't been in our lives for 11 my case, it makes me feel like a mouse when he reminded me of a noble deed he did when the toilet was clogged..."

"What are you talking about? He always bombs the toilet."

Lucy shook her head. "In other cases, yes, but not the time he had that convention that weekend...that book actually belonged to me...I was too afraid about getting teased by you guys that Lincoln took the fall for me...he was rightfully less than pleased when I found him in the library on Friday, and his very words were 'had I known you'd kick me to the curb like the rest of my so-called family, I would've just let you admit the truth'..." Lucy stared at the floor in sorrow. "He even said he might have laughed at me for our parents, I recall the time they said they wouldn't kick any of us out of the house. Imagine how they must feel right now, having to live with that broken promise."

Lynn stared at the ceiling with a frown.

"But despite all of that, if Lincoln truly felt we were beyond forgiveness, he would've ratted us out to the cops. He wouldn't have given us the chance to make it up to him." The black-haired child put a cold hand on Lynn's forehead. "So please Lynn, I know you're drowning in guilt, but don't do it alone. We're your family you know, and we're all in the same boat."

"...I saw him today..."

Lucy lifted her head a bit in surprise. From her position, Lynn could see the shock in her roommate's eyes. "You did?"

"Well...actually I bumped into him...he looked ready to beat me to death Lucy. I could see the hate forming on his face as he glared at me while I was on the ground...he could've totally dominated me and there would've been little I could do to stop him. But instead of hurting me...he calmed himself down and asked me how my foot was doing...then I asked him if he was doing ok, which he said 'good', then I just bolted out of there...I don't know what stopped him. Maybe it's the fact he forgave the twins or something, I don't know..."

"Or, he saw the damage he did to you and opted not to attack. It was the first time you've both seen each other since...Thursday right?"

"Yeah...would you believe me if I told you that meeting Lincoln like that made me more scared than the times you constantly pop out of nowhere?"

"After seeing that level of focused rage twice, I believe you."

"...Lincoln used to get really nervous any time I would threaten I know how he feels..." Lynn rubbed her nose. "But in a strange way...somewhere inside me feels proud of him."

"How's so?" The 8 year old asked.

"I've always wanted to see him stand up for himself, at least prove he can handle his own business...wish it was under an ENTIRELY different situation though..." Lynn's stomach growled again, asking her when she was going to get up off her butt and feed it. " know what, fine. I'll eat something." She sat up on the bed and hugged her little sister. "Thanks for the talk Luce..."

Lucy returned it, giving a faint smile. However, that moment was ruined when a pungent smell hit her nose. "Gross..."


"When was the last time you showered?..."

By the time Lynn and Lucy came down, most of the family was just about finished eating. Only the parents, Lisa, and Lily were still at the table. The former two were there due to concern for the two girls since they were upstairs for 22 minutes, while the toddler was trying to help feed Lily since she wouldn't stop playing with her food. It was rather cute to see, as Lisa didn't do this quite often. When it was up to the kids to feed her, Luna or Lincoln would be tasked with this job. But since the former was busy and latter was...absent...Lisa was given this important job. And boy was it adorable. The toddler had difficulty trying to get Lily to sit still for a moment so she'd eat a meatball. The infant responded by getting sauce on the prodigy's glasses, giggling while doing so. Lisa kept a stoic face as she removed her eye-ware for cleaning.

The parents found themselves smiling at the site, but then shifted focus to their two other daughters. Whatever Lucy did to coax Lynn to join them, they were very grateful for it. Upon asking what they missed, Lynn Sr. went on and told them that the other girls' days were more or less the same, though Lana had a pretty interesting day. A few of her classmates congratulated her for sticking up for her brother, as well as saying she had a pretty cool bro given how Lincoln wholeheartedly returned the favor. As for the parents, Rita went on too discuss how she had the misfortune of inspecting Chandler's mouth, earning disgruntled looks from the two. Lynn made a comment saying she should've pulled a few more teeth out, but Rita stated she had to do her job regardless of who was in the chair. When asked the same question, Lucy stated her day was depressing as usual. With Lynn, thanks to the talk she had with Lucy, she was more willing to open up to her parents.

She told them everything, from her not feeling too well throughout the day to bumping into Lincoln while she was walking home. The last part caught everyone sans Lucy by surprise, their nervousness very clear since both Lincoln and Lynn departed on a sour note. However, Lynn eased their worries by first stating that they didn't get into another fight. While she was immensely scared, Lincoln kept himself calm and spoke with indifference. This gave the parents some hope that Lincoln really was beginning to come around, but as far as anyone knew, the adults felt they were still a long way off before their son would even consider returning home. But the least they could do, was try to initiate some form of contact. Hopefully, Lincoln didn't block their phone numbers.

Elsewhere in Royal Woods, another set of kids were going about their daily business. Inside a medium-sized two story house, Conner was sitting on his bed, button mashing the controls of the game system he was playing. He had been playing Muscle Fish on multiplayer for the last hour and was growing more and more frustrated by the frequent losses he accumulated against some user named AceSavvyFan11.

"Come on, come on come on come on! This has to work!" The blonde said in near anger.

He tried another combo move against his opponent, who managed to block it to reduce the damage it would've taken. Then, said opponent used their special move and finished his character. The 'DEFEAT' logo flashed on screen in bold red, as if it was mocking the child. With his irritation boiling over, Conner went into a series of rants on how he ended up losing.

A knock on his door made him quiet down. "Yeah?"

The 11 year old was met with an irritated look from his oldest sister. "Conner, you really should be careful when you swear like that. You know mom and dad will ground you again." Carol stated.

"Sorry...but this game just REALLY gets to me..."

"Why don't you just play single player, or co-op?"

"Single player is boring, and co-op isn't as fun as kicking the butts of other players."

"And yet you just got yours kicked and you're whining like a baby." The elder blonde smirked.
"Was not!" Conner fumed, blushing slightly.

Carol just gave a bigger smile before ruffling her brother's hair. "Here. Let's play co-op and I'll show you it's not that boring."

The boy could only grumble as his sister picked up a second controller. After five minutes of playing time, they were both heavily focused on trying to get past a rather frustrating level. "Ugh! The timing of these fryers is so off!" The teen groaned.

"I know right?..." Conner sat in silence for a moment, his fingers fiddling with the controls. "Hey sis..."


"You know those days when you come home looking mad about something, what was that about?"

"There's this girl named Lori who keeps giving me rude comments. People say we look like sisters, but I don't see the resemblance. I remember a couple times Lori's sister, Leni, had mistaken me for her. But the thing is, I don't know even know what I did to get on Lori's bad side. Maybe, it was because I won Homecoming Queen last semester and she didn't. If that's it, then how am I supposed to apologize for something EVERYONE voted on? If it's not, then I don't know what her problem is. I just try to ignore it, but she always gives me this scornful look anytime we happen to look at each other. Doesn't help that occasionally I hear her talking about me behind my back."

Conner glanced at his sister. "Doesn't that count as bullying?"

"No. She hasn't done anything physically, or on the Internet. But if it does come to that I might have to-YES! Finally!" Carol shouted in joy as she managed to get to the end of the level. Conner's character had died due to a mistimed jump.

Conner smiled a little bit at the slight elation of having beaten a rather difficult part of the game, even if it was his sister than carried them to the objective.

"So why did you ask that?" Carol asked.

"Um...just something on my mind. And uh, here's another question...if you were about to do something you'd probably regret later, would you still do it?"

Carol looked at her brother in silence, wondering what brought this on. " someone messing with you in school?"

"What?! No! You know I haven't had a bully since the first grade."

"Then why would you ask that? It's not just a random question that pops up out of the blue you know..." The teen said, a frown forming on her face.

Conner sweated a little. He could let his sister know of the little deal he made with Chandler, but that would add more fuel to the fire (and get himself in serious trouble). Instead, he decided to steer the question back to Carol's issue with Lori. "I mean, you're fairly nice and all, so I don't see how someone like you could make enemies. What I'm saying is, if you got to the point where you had punch Lori in the face, would you do it?"

Carol hummed in thought. While she may have issues with Lori school-wise, they hardly interact outside of the education system. In fact, Lori had barely given her any issues over the last couple of days, so the chances of them fighting were very unlikely. The blonde wasn't really a fighter, as she firmly believed violence doesn't solve anything. She couldn't even see herself slapping someone, but rather telling them off. Still, Conner did have a point.

"...To be honest, I'm not sure. The first thing I'd do is just chew her out for being needlessly mean, but if I had to actually hit her...maybe I'd just slap her, but I don't know what good that would do."

"But what if you had to actually go to town on her?"

"Like I said Conner, I don't know. It'd probably just be in the heat of the moment."

...Baby..." The boy muttered.

Carol looked at Conner in irritation. "What was that?"

"I said you're a baby. I mean, who would be afraid to hit someone if they wholly deserved it?"

"Oh I'll show you whose the real baby in this house." Carol said with a sinister grin.

The 11 year old realized what this meant. "Carol, no. Don't you dare-!" Was all Conner said before Carol jumped him, making him erupt into a laughing fit as she tickled his sides.

"Say you're the baby!"

"N-Never!" The little blonde replied, laughing his head off.

"Say it or I'll start on your feet!" Carol teased.

"O-OK OK I'm the baby! I'm the baby! J-Just not the feet!" Conner shouted, almost out of breath.

Satisfied, the teen stopped. "And don't you forget it bro." She pecked him on his forehead, much to the boy's annoyance. Looking at the clock, Carol was surprised by the time. "Wow, it's 9:30 already?"

"Game time moves slower than real time. Everyone knows that." Conner stated as if it was fact.

Carol just shrugged. "Eh, whatever. I'm gonna get ready for bed." Without another word, the teen walked out the room, shutting the door behind her.

In the Santiago house, Lincoln held a triumphant smirk as he crushed yet another opponent on the Muscle Fish game he brought with him. If you looked at the top of his health bar, the name 'AceSavvyFan11' stood out in bold letters. The boy started to laugh as said opponent rage quit after getting their character schooled for the fifth time tonight.

"And another one down, and another one down, and another one bites the dust!" Lincoln sang as he started doing a victory dance.

"Well, you can wreck people in Muscle Fish, but you can't be me in Turbo Blasters XXI." Ronnie Anne smirked.

"But I managed to beat you in Dance Dance Revolution." Lincoln replied.

"Then you came in 4th place in Mario Kart 8, right before the finish line on the last lap." The Hispanic Girl laughed.

"Curse you blue know that they tend to ruin friendships right?" Lincoln grumbled. He really hated how those things suddenly pop up behind him when he's in the lead, especially when he didn't have anything to block it.

"Yeah, but they won't ruin this one. Even though I'm the one that fired it." Ronalda laughed.

Their stint at the arcade helped Lincoln take his mind off their encounter with Lynn, but Ronalda could tell it still lingered in his mind from the way he would temporarily slip into deep thought. However, it didn't seem to bother the platinum haired child for long.

"You know I'm gonna want a rematch for that."

"So you can get your butt kicked again?" The smug grin on her face said it all.

Lincoln returned the gesture. "I'm not the one who got mad when you lost in those two other games."

"T-That's because the game was glitching!"

"My sore arm says otherwise."

Ronalda grew irate. Naturally, she wasn't a fan of losing, especially when someone was right and called out her excuse. Looking at Lincoln's game, she gave a smug grin. "Bet I can beat you in your stupid game."

Lincoln grew surprised at the girl's accusation, but put on his bravado. "Really? You think you can beat mwah at the most classic game in history?"

"Oh I can, unless you're afraid of getting your butt whooped."

Lincoln gave a small chuckle. "I bet I can get a flawless victory."

"Really, then let's make this interesting. If you win, I'll make you a full stack of waffles with your name on it."

The chipped tooth child could feel his mouth beginning to water at mention of a decent breakfast. Ronalda started to think of what she could get out of this if she won. She could have Lincoln do something embarrassing, but that would be too easy. Plus, it would be the last thing Lincoln needed with his life being a mixed bag right now. However, maybe there was something he could do, not only as a confidence booster, but also because she figured the nerd could learn to keep proper balance.

Lincoln grew nervous as he saw Ronnie Anne form a devilish smirk. "Um...Ronalda?"

"If I win, I'm teaching you how to skateboard."

Memories of last Friday morning crept into Lincoln's mind. "Oh man...what did I get myself into?" He spoke in his mind. Why would Ronnie Anne want to teach him how to use a board? He knew how to handle himself on a bike, but skateboarding? Was she going to enjoy seeing him fall on his face? He silently prayed for the gaming gods to be on his side. Otherwise, he was in for a long day ahead.
Ch. 14 Internal Pain
And that covers Lynn's feelings as well an inside look on a couple characters that are rarely mentioned. I'll admit, this chapter was more filler than anything worth noting, besides Lynn's clear signs of depression and coping with it. But what will Lincoln's parents say to him when they decide to call? After all, they haven't spoken to him since chapter 4.
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.

With Lynn Jr. out of the way, Miranda noted that she had 3 girls left to talk with. This would only take two sessions as she was having the twins in the same room together. While it seemed that Lana and Lola were well aware of the family's predicament, they were still six years old. As such, Miranda felt that it would put them both at ease if they had each other in the same room. This would be especially helpful when it came time to discuss their feelings. From what she knew about them so far, the twins were the most likely of the Louds to engage in physical confrontation. Miranda wasn't too concerned about this though, as it was perfectly normal for siblings to fight, especially identical twins. Another obvious indicator was the fact both girls dressed differently, leading to the main reason of such clashes being due differed personalities.

As if to be proven correct, Miranda could hear a scuffle just outside the door.

"No, I'm going first!" One feminine voice yelled.

"No, I'm first!" A tomboyish voice yelled back.

"Beauty before age Lana! Plus, I'm a princess!"

"Well I'm the oldest of us both!"

Seconds later, Lana and Lola spilled through the door, pulling each other's hair and struggling to get the upper hand on one another. Miranda wasn't fazed by this in the slightest. In fact, she smiled. "Sibling rivalry at its finest. Almost reminds me of when I fought with my brother." She thought.

"Girls, girls. Calm down. I wanted to talk with BOTH of you." The psychologist stated.

Both twins looked at her before glancing at each other. Giving a sigh, they separated before sitting a few feet from each other on the lounging chair. Lola lied down while Lana lied on her back with her head hanging over the edge. She didn't seem to care too much about her hat falling off.

"So girls, how are you both feeling today?"

"Lethargic..." Lana spoke.

"Dreadful..." Lola quipped.

"...Ok then. Now, I'm sure you both know what we are here to discuss right?" Both six year olds nodded. "Ok, so what we will talk about can be strictly confidential, as in it will only be between us. I won't tell anyone, but you girls are free to talk about it with your family if you so wish. Sound good?"

Lana gave a hard glance at Lola. "...Why are you looking at me like that?" The princess asked in annoyance.

"Because you have a long history of being a motor mouth."

"I promised not to tell anyone about that stuff ok?! And you're the one to talk since you have mud breath!" Lola retorted.


"Potty mouth."

Lana sat up on her seat. "Stuck up princess."

"Gross eater!"



"Wait, what? I'm not Canadian!" Lana stated in confusion.

"It means, you're afraid of being clean you philistine!"

"That's funny since I've been forced to STAY CLEAN since we got punished! Just like you can't wear your stupid sparkly towels!"

"It's called a GOWN you idiot!"

Miranda would've cut in by now, but she felt it was better to let the girls get their anger out. Plus, she was actually learning more about the twins as they continued to argue back and forth. In fact, she was making notes about the two while they were stuck in their petty squabbling.

"At least I don't threaten to spill secrets like a creep!"

Lola felt appalled by that statement. "I DO NOT! Not all the time at least."

Lana gave a harsh glare. "So I suppose that whole 'turning us into your slaves' thing was supposed to mean nothing? And it's also funny that you called me a philistine since you always like to call Lincoln that!"

"At least he actually likes me more!" Lola said sharply. Lana couldn't help but laugh at that accusation. "What's so funny?!"

"I've been close to Linc ever since we were born! I never even had to get dirt on him just to ask him for help. Plus, I'm not a jerk like you, so if anything, he likes ME more!"

Completely fed up, Lola pounced on her twin, slamming her head into the soft seat with each word. "YOU. TAKE. THAT. BACK!" Instead, Lana just slapped at Lola's face.

Miranda cleared her throat, getting the children's attention. "Girls? Remember that we're here to talk, not fight. And to be honest, I would like to ask you both questions concerning your brother."
The twins glared at each other for a few seconds before finally separating. They sat even further away from each other now.

"Now Lana, why do you believe that Lincoln adores you more?"

"He doesn't-" Lola started.

"Lola, wait your turn. I'll ask you the same thing." The Hispanic woman said in a stern tone. Lola was about to form another retort, but knew that Miranda wasn't going to back down. So she just sat there, fuming as steam rose from the top of her head.

"I say that Lincoln likes me more because, I've spent a good amount of time with my brother as far as I can remember. He's always been there for me when I needed him, even when he doesn't want to be bothered. He's practically the best brother I could ask for. He helps me take care of my reptiles, doesn't mind getting dirty, and he doesn't mind my gross habits unlike SOME people."

Lana glared at Lola, who returned the gesture. "He's also the reason why I'm like myself today."

"Care to give more detail on that?" Miranda asked.

"When Lincoln was my age, he used to like playing in the mud a lot. I thought it looked pretty fun, so I joined in. It was the best thing, that's ever happened to me. And believe it or not, Lola actually liked to get dirty back then."

The younger twin's eyes widened. "What?! I did not!"

Lana nodded. "Yes you did. That was probably the only time we actually got along with each other without fighting. Well, before you started acting like a spoiled snob after getting into that pageant stuff."

Lola gave a huff. "Well, I clearly don't remember any of that stuff."

"Mom still has pictures of it. You just never checked."

"Well from what I remember, he wasn't the reason you started digging in the trash."

Lana shrugged. "True. One man's trash is another lady's treasure. But even so, I don't like peanut butter and sauerkraut sandwiches."

"And yet you'll eat moldy pudding..."

"Interesting..." Miranda thought. "It seems you and Lincoln have been close for a long time Lana. Now Lola, why do you think Lincoln likes you the most?"

"Because, he actually knows how to be prim and proper unlike SOME people." She glared at Lana. "He participates in my tea parties, helps me prepare for my many pageants since that time one was going to give the winner tickets to Dairy Land, he likes to keep me happy, and he'll always protect me no matter what!"

"He'll do that for any of us Lola..." Lana pointed out.

"Yeah, but what you don't remember was that Lincoln used to have a bit of an attitude when he was younger."

The look on Lana's face said it all. "Wait, so he used to act like you?"

"Well, Lincoln didn't participate in pageants or anything, besides that one time when he was trying to win an award. But when I was two, some big fat kid who was probably three or four stole my giant whirly pop. Since of course I was only a baby, the only thing I could do was cry. Lincoln was over there in a split second and made that boy pay dearly." Lola laughed. "Ah, good memories."

"...I don't think I was there when that happened."

"You weren't. It was at the park and you were back with dad at the house."

"I think it's quite interesting that you both have different memories of your brother." Miranda spoke.

"Yeah. I guess we do." Lana smiled.

"But I still can't believe I used to like being dirty." Lola grimaced.

"Hey it's not that bad."

"Says the girl who took my place in a PRIM AND PERFECT PAGEANT." Lola teased.

Lana blushed. "Hey! That was only for the Dairy Land tickets!...But I guess I did like it a little..."

"So I assume both of you are pretty close to your brother?" Miranda asked. Both twins nodded in response, which the doctor laughed. "I expected no less from a group of kids like you, but it seems to be that Lincoln isn't close to both of you."

"Huh?!" The girls asked in shock.

"Given what you both said, Lincoln doesn't seem like the type to pick favorites. He probably knows that if he did, it would cause you both to argue more. He's there for both of you because he loves you as an older brother and wants to be of help, even if it cuts into his own activities." The twins sat there in silence to process that piece of information. Internally, the doctor hated the fact she now had to address the main topic. "Now, this is hard for me to ask, but what do you both think about the whole incident concerning what's been happening lately?"

Deep frowns formed on the kids' faces seconds after that question was registered in their minds. They should've known such a question would arise, as the sisters that had went before them had been asked the same thing. But, they were so caught up reliving the good memories they had with their brother that it caught them off guard. The twins looked at each other in worry, unsure how to answer. The only thing that came to mind was that this whole situation was a nightmare no child should be exposed to. Lana was on the verge of crying as images of her brother's fearful expression flashed in her mind. With Lola, the guilt was slamming back into her like a run-away cruise ship crashing into port. Glancing at her hands, she could feel the slight cuts on them when her fists impacted her brother's mouth, ruining his smile.

"It's horrible Ms. Lopez...that's...that's all there is to it..." Lola finally spoke up. "...I used to enjoy making Lincoln squirm with the threat of making me mad...but now I wish I never got into pageantry in the first place..."

"But, Lola...that's your thing...I don't think you'd ever give that up..."

"But what you don't know is what it did to me..."

"What do you mean?" Miranda asked.

"...The world of pageantry is a very cruel...the main reason I got into it was because mom thought it was a good idea to enter me in when another lady who also had a girl in that same business thought I looked cute enough for it. At first, I didn't think nothing of it since I thought it was a fun idea. I managed to win enough times that I was able to participate in the Little Miss Prim and Proper Beauty Pageants. And on my first day there...that's when I learned that it wasn't as much of a field of daisies as I thought..."

On a calm and warm evening, Lola was getting herself ready for her first Little Miss Prim and Proper Beauty Pageant. On the verge of being 5 years old, she was the youngest participant in tonight's festivities, and that made her nervous. She was aware that she'd be going up against girls who had probably been in the game for a few years. Lola herself only started just after she turned 4. The little girl was dressed up in a small pink gown with glitter draped on it for a sparkly effect. Peaking through the curtain, she could see the that the crowd was larger than in most pageants she'd been in.

"Mommy, I-I don't know about this...there's a lot of people out there." Lola stammered.

"Oh sweetie, I know your nervous. But don't worry, we'll be sitting in the front row to support you." Rita spoke in a soft voice. "Plus, I thought you got used to being in front of a lot of people."

Lola's past stage fright actually helped boost her cuteness factor, as most found it adorable when a child gets nervous in front of a large audience. "I-I have, but it's just that there's SO many out there than before. And all of these girls look older than I do...I just don't know if I can do it..."

Rita knelt in front of her daughter. "Lola, the important thing to remember is that you just need to focus on being you. You don't have to be like any of these other girls. As long as you be true to yourself, you can do anything. Also, you look so cuuute!" The mother playfully pinched Lola's cheek, earning a blush from the child.

Lola couldn't help but smile. "Thanks mom." She stood on her toes and hugged her.

"Knock 'em dead sweetheart." Rita hugged her back. With the pageant about to start, Rita left to go take her seat next to her husband. Lola looked down at the tiara she was given to wear with the gown before setting it on her head.

The show began with little delay, each child doing their best to impress both the judges and audience. When it came time for Lola to perform, it was clear that her nervousness was returning, but then remembered her mother's encouragement. After the introductions and opening performances, she managed to win over both parties. Her competitors were both impressed and envious. It had been awhile that they actually had someone who looked like it could give them serious competition, especially for a newcomer. However, one participant in particular was giving a hard glare at Lola as she continued to wave at the audience.

A 5 year old redhead wearing a frilly pink dress with a matching tiara to match was gazing a hole in the back of Lola's head. She had worked on her pageant fame for the last year and was on her way to being the next big Little Miss Prim and Proper. The girl could even blow away the competition since the other girls didn't look as cute as she did. She didn't think much about Lola when she first showed up. But when it became clear that not only was Lola as cute as a kitten, but she also knew how to win over the judges, it became clear that she was a threat that needed to be eliminated. Since Lola was still new, the redhead didn't know much about her besides the fact she had made a name for herself in the pageant business. However, it was also clear Lola was still nervous about being in a big time competition. After realizing this, the 5 year old figured she could play to her insecurities.

Lola came back behind stage after she was given a generous applause. Giving a sigh of relief, "I can't believe I nailed that. Maybe I am ready for this kind of thing."

"You may be right. You sure know how to win people's hearts that's for sure." A childish voice spoke to her right.

Looking over, Lola saw the redhead that had went out before her. "Oh, hi um...Lindsey was it?"

"Yep. The one and only. Nice job out there by the way."

"Thanks." Lola smiled. "So, how long have you been doing this?"

"Since I was 4. I'm 5 now, so that makes a year."

"Really? I'm almost 5!" The blonde said happily.

"Cool. So, you ready for the next phase?" Lindsey asked.

"You mean the talent phase? I got a pretty cool staff routine cooked up."

Lindsey gave a smug grin. "A staff routine? You're gonna have to come up with something better than that."

Lola grew confused. "What do you mean?"

"The judges won't be impressed by a little staff routine. That's for babies. You gotta up your game. Otherwise, you aren't gonna last long in the big leagues."

Lola scratched the back of her head. "But...that staff routine is all I know..."

"Welp, it was nice knowing you Lola." Lindsey patted her on the back before walking away. "Real winners know when to adapt. But, I guess you'll be stuck as a loser."

Lola watched the girl walk off. She knows that Rita told her to just be herself, but she just got advice from someone whose been doing this stuff longer than her. She felt conflicted. Should she try something different, or stay true to herself? She watched the other girls' routines as she had time before she had to do hers. The blonde was impressed by their singing, dancing, musical numbers, and even one girl did a mime act. Looking at her staff, Lola felt what she had was insignificant. Even if she wanted to try something else, it was way to late to change course, especially since she was about to go next.

When her name was called, the Louds cheered for her as she about to do her ever famous staff twirls. However, the parents immediately noticed that something was wrong. Their daughter didn't look like she had confidence in herself to put her heart into it. Unlike previous times, her technique was a bit sloppy and poorly timed. To wrap it up, she accidentally hit herself in the mouth with the thickest part of the stick. Holding her mouth in pain, she gazed at everyone's reactions. It was mostly silent, with a few crickets chirping as if they were laughing at her. Before the judges could even score her, she ran behind the curtain with tears in her eyes. The other girls felt bad for her, but Lindsey quietly held a confident grin as she watched her handy work run to the girl's restroom.

In spite of the abysmal performance of her routine, Lola still won 4th place. Not a bad feat out of 10 other contestants. Lindsey Sweetwater won first place during that pageant. However, Lola felt she didn't have anymore confidence to continue on and was thinking about giving up her pageant career. To make matters worse, when she hit herself in the mouth, it knocked both of her baby incisors loose. She wouldn't come out of the twin's room for a couple days after the pageant despite everyone's attempts to cheer her up. What did get her out of her slump, was the recommendation letter for her to participate in the next pageant. Even then, Lola still lacked confident in herself.

On one sunny Wednesday, her mother took her to the park in an effort to get her daughter to smile again. Instead, Lola continued to mope as she walked around the playground. As she was sulking to herself, she spotted a familiar redhead a short distance away with a few other girls she didn't know. Seeing Lindsay Sweetwater, Lola grimaced and turned away from the jungle gym, wanting to get as far from her as possible. However, she stopped when she heard her name mentioned.

"So you think Lola will shape up to win the next one?"

The redhead scoffed. "That blonde? Please. After the last pageant, she won't stand a chance. After all, only thing I had to do was get her nervous enough to slip up, and if she starts getting confident again, well I'll just give her a grim reminder of what she really is. Besides, it's not like she had any real talent." Lindsey said in a mocking tone, making the other girls laugh.

"Yeah. That staff routine was just traagiiiiic~!" Another girl sang out.

What they didn't know, was that Lola heard every word from her post behind one of the metal supports. The little girl was shocked and horrified by this revelation. She thought Lindsey was a sweet and kind girl who gave her some friendly advice. Seems that she was only looking out for herself. Lola's right eye twitched as she felt overcome by a new emotion that felt so foreign to her. She had experienced irritation before, but this wasn't that. It was pure anger. She wanted to march right over to Lindsey and rip the red hair right off her skull. She wanted to punch her so hard that her face would be permanently disfigured. Lola wanted to do everything under the sun that would result in physical injury to that girl. However, this would only resort in short time pain. Lola smirked as a new thought came to her, one that would make sure that Lindsey knew she crossed the wrong person.

" that's why you hate her." Lana spoke.

"She deliberately tripped me up, and I wanted to make her pay so bad...but I realized if I attacked her physically, it wouldn't get to her the way I wanted it to. So I decided to get to her where it REALLY hurts: her pride. During the next pageant I approached her in mock nervousness, letting her think she had an easy win. But then I told her that I knew about her plan, and threatened to not only tell the judges about it, but also the other competitors too. The look on her face said it all, and she knew that she lost her edge. Not only that, I came in first place."

"And then you kept winning more and more pageants?" Lana asked.


"Was it easy to maintain a winning streak?" The doctor asked.

"To be honest, no. Some girls would try to blackmail me, or in other cases attempt to bully me physically. But, given how much I fight with my sister, I could handle them. As for the blackmailing, well...let's just say I had to find some dirt to have leverage..." Lola gave a stern frown. "I didn't like the last part though, cause there are some things that are better left unsaid...and as a whole, the blackmailing tactic got very...intoxicating to use..."

Miranda noted this down. "Please explain..."

"...Lana was right when I said I used my siblings as my personal slaves...they were holding a Secret Siblings Club, but wouldn't let me in because I wasn't trustworthy I...I had put a microphone on my tiara and learned all of their secrets and threatened to tell our parents about the things they were hiding from them...all I wanted to do was fit in, and I went about it the wrong way..."

"But in the end, you gained our trust by taking the blame yourself." Lana smiled. "Though I'll be fair with you sis, you have ego problems..."

"I'm well aware of that..."

The psychologist tilted her glasses. "Ego problems?"

"...I...I have a bad habit of blaming others for stuff even when I'm also at fault...the more I kept winning, the more I became spoiled...I won a decent amount of cash from my pageant wins, as well my princess go-kart, my swim gown, and even some of the cosmetic stuff I have...I knew I had it all, and it's pretty obvious it went to my head...a lot..."

"Wait, I thought mom and dad bought all of that stuff for you." Lana quipped.

"Please Lana. Our parents don't have that kind of budget."


"Anyway...a lot of times I end up blaming others when I'm also at fault...I try to act innocent as if I did nothing wrong, but I ended up acting like I'm the center of the universe...I blamed Lincoln for a lot of things because he was probably the easiest to blame and I knew he'd just take it...I...I even tried to put blame on him for w-what happened last S-Sunday before Lana s-snapped me out of it." Lola wiped her eyes as her voice was breaking up. "...I used to take pride in seeing myself as a princess, to be able to get what I want without much trouble, acting like I'm rich or something...I-I even used to like getting Lincoln to agree to doing what I want whether he wanted to or I had to strong-arm him...b-but if there's one thing I want now more than ever...I want my brother to be normal again...I'm p-probably the worst sister on the face of the earth..."

The girly twin started to cry. It was one thing to see herself as a monster, but it's hits harder when your sibling sees you as the same thing and wants nothing to do with you. Lola hoped that Lincoln would be willing to forgive her, but given how he'll go into a panic whenever she or her other 8 sisters are around, Lisa would calculate this chance at probably .008%. She tended to use her siblings for a lot of things, though Lincoln seemed to draw her ire more than the other siblings. Maybe it was because he was weak-willed or some other thing she didn't know. But Lola was regretting the times she had been mean to him, especially the time where she organized a prank just because he wanted some peace and quiet. Sure, she could've just told Lincoln it's rude to ignore his sisters, but she felt a prank would be best to teach him a lesson. However, such an elaborate plan backfired all because she left Lisa out of the equation. If anyone were to label herself and Lana as who was good who was bad, Lola assumed people would automatically label her as the bad twin. It wasn't even a guess why Lincoln would probably like Lana more than herself, despite Miranda's own input.

With the tomboyish twin, she watched her sister continue to cry to herself. This whole session enlightened her to the fact she now knew more about her twin that she ever would've thought. She knew that Lola became a brat due to winning so many times, but she hadn't realized it was more or less due to a forced habit she picked up. What she didn't know, was that girls could be that cruel, but then again, that's what happens when a little girl gets spoiled with attention and riches. The tomboy was glad her pageant thing was only a one time deal. Last thing the family needed was two Lolas. Lana also made a mental note to pelt Lindsey Sweetwater with as much mud as possible if she ever saw her again.

Lana crawled over to Lola and embraced her. "Lola, you aren't the worst sister ever...yeah, you may be the brattiest, but not the worst...we all still have good moments, remember?"

"...L-Like what?..."

"Remember the time we covered for Lincoln when he came home after curfew? Or the time we all stopped fighting and did our chores when we thought Lily went missing? Or the time you got Lincoln his victory undies even though he lost?..."

"...I guess t-that's true..."

"And what about the time we got Lisa to enjoy a snow day for once? Or last Christmas when you wanted to make up for every bad thing you did? Would you have done any of them if you didn't really care about us?"

"...No...I guess not..." Lola replied, her tears beginning to cease.

"I know we both fight almost all the time, and while it's usually Linc who steps in to stop us, we eventually learn to call a quits to it. You may make me mad from time to time, but I would never stop loving me, you're the best sister in the world, and nothing is gonna change that."

Lola gave a small smile, hugging her twin. "T-Thanks..."

Miranda gave a small chuckle. "You both are quite literally the textbook definition of sibling relationships. No matter how many times you both get into arguments or physical confrontation, you'll still find a way to love each other. Not only that, it seems you both learned a thing or two from each other, which has brought you closer. Normally, this only occurs between older children and teens, but you girls are definitely smarter than most other children. I noted that Lana said your brother is usually the one who breaks up your disputes, but it seems you two are well on the path to settling matters without needing to resort to blows. Of course, it won't always happen, but it may occur a bit less. However, there is one other question I need to ask you you have trouble fitting in at times?"

Lola shifted nervously. "...Sometimes I guess...I'm pretty fearful on the pageant circuit, and some of the girls I compete against go to the same school I do...word travels fast and hardly anyone interacts with me much...even when I try to start a casual conversation they just scream and run..."

"I see...well, in this case, the best thing I would recommend is taking small steps to change your image. Making a new friend can be difficult at times, but nothing breaks the ice better than trying to find a common ground. You can start at school or possibly at another of your pageants."

"...That makes sense I guess. Though it's definitely going to have to be at school because I'm forbidden from doing anything pageant related for a while..."

The doctor gave a shrug. "Anywhere is a start."

" you think Lincoln will love us again?" Lola asked.

"Anything is possible Lola. Not all fears last forever, but they tend to be difficult to overcome. When I last spoke with him, I sent a small message that would hopefully get him to think things over. Fears tend to make people think irrationally, and as such, they will make decisions based on instinct and not from thinking things through."

"So, I guess that means there's a chance he might return to normal?" Lana asked.

Miranda nodded. "Now, is there anything else you girls wish to discuss?"

The twins shook their heads. "Thanks Ms. Lopez." They ran up and hugged her legs.

"Oh, and just a note for you since I know the last one is Lucy, she can be a real bummer at times because she's always depressed." Lola stated as both twins walked to the door. Lola noticed Lana's hat wasn't on her head and spotted it by the chair. She grabbed it and dusted it off before returning it to her sister.

"Hmm...wonder what brought that on..." Miranda noted in her head. She's spoken with depressed people before, and it usually revolves around said clients not finding any purpose in life. Usually these people tend to be teenagers or adults, but an 8 year old emo? That's almost unheard of...
Ch. 20 Twinsanity
Next to Lynn, Lola has often been seen as one of the worst sisters in the cast due to her manipulative nature. It's unclear where she got this from, as most assume she was probably spoiled from her parents. However, with their budget, I doubt she would've gotten all that stuff she has now. As such, I believe stuff like her princess car were prizes she earned from her winnings.

As for the whole idea that pageantry changed her, I discussed this with Mr. TyeDye, so I thank him for helping me come up with this headcanon. Many people tend to become egotistical from receiving a lot of attention, and I believe that Lola wasn't always like this until she ended up getting into serious competition. This also helps bring in the idea of why Lindsey and Lola hate each other. I thought about using another girl, but Lindsey seemed like the perfect candidate. Both girls are pretty good, but Lindsey caused Lola to slip up in her first big pageant because she felt Lola would upstage her. But once Lola figured out what happened and turned the tables, Lindsey has done everything she could to try and reclaim first place, but failed to do so. The end result is the bitter rivalry both share. From that one scene where Lincoln took part in a pageant, I believe Lindsey is that one redhead girl on the right. Looking at her looks like she's trying harder than the rest of the girls, who look more relaxed.

While Lana didn't really need much explanation, it was nice to point out why she likes mud so much

Now, next chapter will be the last of the girls. Lucy's should be pretty straight forward, as episodes like Spell It Out have shown a good reason for her to be depressed.
So, Not A Loud got its plot posted. Seems that the show's writers are well-aware of the controversy of Lincoln being adopted, and several people are already flipping their shit about it on the wiki. However, to me it looks like my prediction for the episode will be likely: similar to Ties That Bind, the episode will toy with the idea of Lincoln being adopted before showing that he's actually Rita and Lynn Sr.'s own kin.


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United States
You know that guy who made that review in that other journal post a month or so ago? Here's what he put up recently for Chapter 13 of Worth:

"Ok, it's really satisfying seeing Lynn Jr. run away like the fucking pussy she is. She really is a coward. Now, all that's missing is the ending when her rival team corners her and they perform a gang-rape on her. Also, am I the only one not hating on Chandler? I mean, I think it's very hypocritical and sexist on Chandler is seen as a monster (and you are demonizing him) just because he manipulated Lincoln into getting free food. News flash: all 10 of Lincoln's Sisters (and his lousy parents who deserve to be in prison) all have done things far worse than Chandler and yet for some damn reason I supposed to sympathize with those assholes while hating on an 11-year-old boy just for getting free stuff. Seriously, all I want is for at least 1 of the Loud Sisters to get raped (specifically Lynn Jr, Lisa, Lucy and LORI). Is that too much to fucking ask.

Seriously, you are exhibiting a characteristic of a writer that I normally despise: telling me which characters I'm supposed to hate or not hate. FYI, that's bad character writing. It's one of the reasons I've stopped sympathizing with the Loud Sisters (and Parents) and want to see them get their karma. Like, all there feeling right now is guilt?

I don't want them to feel bad, I want to seem them be broken apart like tiny little damn pieces. They deserve it. I hate these people more than the Dursleys from Harry Potter, because those are characters we are supposed to hate, while the Louds are characters we are not supposed to hate.
I want to like a character on his or her own merits, not because a write is shouting in a megaphone telling me which characters I'm supposed to hate or not hate.

Oh, and Rita, you deserve to feel that guilt. Just be grateful your son was such a nice boy not to have you sent to prison, along with your 10 whore daughters. Seriously, where's the Rape? They all deserve to get raped. Just rape all 10 sisters. That's the only way for these bitches to learn."

Let's all laugh and point at this guy who just doesn't get it :D. Seriously, people who make stuff like this just shows how dumb they really are. If they really want to see the girls be raped, how about they man up and make a story themselves? I'm willing to bet it'll be shot down in the first chapter alone.


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pj202718 Featured By Owner 10 hours ago
Question: How is Not A-Loud supposed to do Lincoln anything remotely like a bit of good? I just don't see it. I simply don't. It explains the one and only thing that his sisters actually have in common (namely, their belief that he's some sort of outsider that is somehow a threat to the family) without actually addressing or solving it in any sort of real-life terms. They still think that they're being obedient and loyal daughters by acting on their instinctive need to exclude him and all he knows now is that there ain't jackshit he can do about it. It begs for a fix that fixes former show-runner Savino's fixing the problem: perhaps in Sister-phobia, someone lucid for a change might ask the parentals if Vanzilla accidentally wandered into DHS's doing something hush-hush on the day he was born.
fighter5583 Featured By Owner 9 hours ago
Not A Loud was mainly to get people to shut up about the adoption theory. As far as the girls are concerned, it doesn't mean anything regarding them. Plus, both parents were sworn into secrecy about the whole thing. Lincoln would just say he was born in a hospital like any other kid. Pretty sure they still went to the hospital because Lincoln was just a new born and Rita was obviously tired as hell from giving birth.
HeatSignaturePony Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Do you have any info on what happened to JumpJump? Tumblr, pixiv, Deviantart, even patreon are all taken down, in some cases saying the account doesn't exist, while others say it was removed/suspended.

This isn't simply one account going down, it looks like a purge or hack.
fighter5583 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
From what I know, my discord friends say he got arrested for some reason. Don't know why, people are just thinking it's due to his art. Which is bullshit because if you can get arrested for drawing porn then a lot of you would be in jail. But, I'm not familiar with UK's laws besides their strict gun control so all I'm doing is hoping he'll get out at some point. Don't know who is going around deleting his stuff.
HeatSignaturePony Featured By Owner 2 days ago
God damn it.

How valid of a source is this? Is the arrest confirmable or just speculations?

I can't tell you what the UK laws are, but I know here in the States that child porn laws (which are made to protect REAL children) try to overreach into the world of fiction and fandoms.
Loli characters and hentai drawings of characters that are underage in a show/film/media are argued in court as a violation of the law.

I call billshit on that because no actual child is harmed by this. All the characters are fictional, thought up in the minds of creators, many with physical body features that could physically work in reality (large heads, small body kinda stuff).

Clones from the Clone Wars series are 10 years old, so by that logic any hentai art with clone troopers would be illegal.

These laws aren't catching up to Internet or the change it has brought about, and it screws over people like JumpJump because of it.

Lastly, I am only skeptic to the idea of JumpJump being arrested due to the amount of hentai art for characters on the Internet by famous artists such as Shadman, Croc, jlullaby, and more.
But than again, I am not sure where they are from, so I can't account for the laws of their nations.

Anyway, thanks for responding with an answer. I logged on last night to see if JumpJump updated on tumblr and my heart sank when I saw his tumblr down, more so when I saw his other accounts on social media down (except for Twitch and YouTube).
fighter5583 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Well I don't know, and it's hard for me to feel bad for him because I hardly know the guy outside of Discord. All I'm doing is just hoping he'll get through whatever bullshit he's going through
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I just do not understand the Loud House fandom. What exactly were they expecting with Not A Loud?
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Something epic or whatever. I didn't expect much but a troll episode. Learned that lesson after watching Change of Heart.
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Hey, you OK?
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Yes, why?
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